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美国凯岸教育公司(ACME KAIAN EDUCATION COMPANY LLC.)总部位于美国西雅图,是美国华盛顿理工大学官方授权开展国内业务指定单位。凯岸教育是一家专注于全球合作建立国际学校(院系)、协调对接国际教育各类业务板块、管理开办国际学校(国际班)等业务的国际化教育机构。同时,凯岸教育也致力于为留学生量身打造实习就业、游学研学、境外私人学业指导等业务,以及为企业家提供海外移民、商业交流与各类投资等全方位一站式的高端配套服务。

Kaian overseas study co., LTD., headquartered in the United States, is an authorized domestic business unit of Washington institute of technology. Company focused on the high-end program promotion and deal with America's top study abroad application, and for foreign student internship and employment in the United States and foreign personalized academic guidance, a home, such as one-stop high standards of service, but also focus on international education cooperation, coordination, building and managing international school (international) international education institutions.